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Lila Mitchell decided a safe life behind her camera was all she ever wanted. Just a few more months and she’ll be a college graduate, able to escape the Las Vegas desert and go home to Califonia.

On the night of her twenty-first birthday, Lila says yes to an invitation she’d normally decline. By the next morning, she’ll have made friends with someone she has no business being friends with, and met a man with whom she has nothing in common but can’t stay away from.

Xavier Townsend, a wealthy playboy nightclub owner with a not-so-great romantic history, can’t understand the inferno blazing away in his heart when he sets eyes on Lila. He knows she is exactly what he needs in life, but the question is: will he be the same for her?

They say opposites attract, but sometimes, they explode. Because by the time Lila learns about Xavier’s past, it’s too late. It’s back, and it’s angry. And Lila is bound to be burned.

full of fire

standalone novel

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