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Yesterday, I got engaged. I said yes to a man who loves me, and I love him. Happiness should shine brightly from my head to my toes.  

But that’s not happening. 

Despite this ring on my finger, I can’t stop looking back at my life, back to the boy who cast a spell on me a long time ago. 

It’s true, there is no love like your first. 

I was eighteen when Noah Sutton stole my heart. He was destined for greatness, and I could barely scrape together enough money to help my mother pay our rent. We spent that summer pushing limits, breaking rules, and living in moments I thought would last forever. 

None of that stopped us from breaking each other’s hearts. 

I could tell you we were too different. 

That we were doomed from day one. 

You would probably agree with me when I say first loves are rarely last loves. 

Or, I could start at the beginning, and tell you our story. 

There’s just one little problem: the more I think about Noah, the more certain I become that I’m marrying the wrong man. 

Oh, boy. I think this is going to get messy.

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