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We thought we had it all.
We were two kids, young and desperately in love, dreaming of a future together. Our love burned as bright as the red rock desert where we grew up, but we learned the hard way that sometimes love isn’t enough. One choice tore us apart, and we stood by helplessly, watching it burn us to the ground.

It feels like a lifetime ago, but when I’m called home to care for my sick mother after ten years away, my past with Owen Miller comes charging into the present. I expected him to be the same kind, confident guy he used to be. What I didn’t expect was the fire still raging between us, even after all this time.

Years of buried feelings emerge, as scorching as the Arizona sun. Anger, resentment...and passion. And the second time around, we burn even hotter. Giving in to Owen means finally facing the choice I made so long ago, but even old wounds still ache.

Is the possibility of a second chance worth the pain it could cause in the end?

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